In Pursuit of a Dream

In 1987 Mr. Janssens, with the help of his friends, set up the Institut Van Gogh, and also created the S.A. Ravoux– two organizations, each with its own specific purpose. The challenge was to marry “economics and culture” and “passion and reason” while maintaining the independence of each half of the equation. Economic credibility was guaranteed by the Ravoux S.A., and cultural legitimacy by the Institut Van Gogh.

As well as organizing numerous cultural projects and helping to preserve the Auvers heritage, the main goal of the Institut Van Gogh is to bring about Vincent van Gogh’s great wish, as expressed in his letter to Theo during his stay in the Auberge Ravoux in 1890:

« Some day or another I believe I will find a way to have my own exhibition in a café. »

The World’s Smallest Museum

The Institut Van Gogh has thus set its sights on the target of exhibiting ‘some day or another’ a Van Gogh painting of the Auvers period in the Ravoux Inn. With a mere 7 square metres (75 square feet) of exhibition space in the attic room number 5, the very room where the artist lived in 1890, this museum would be the smallest in the world – a real “room with a view.”

“Don’t settle for easy options”
Vincent van Gogh to Theo, 1874

But Vincent van Gogh’s modest dream is now far more than a modest challenge, given the huge prices his paintings fetch on the art market today.
Nevertheless the Institut Van Gogh believes that if it is supported by the lovers of Van Gogh’s art worldwide, it will be possible to climb the last few steps to the top floor and make Van Gogh’s dream a reality.